Day 10: Strava


The Only Fitness Tracking App Made Exclusively to Help Cyclists and Runners Continuously Beat Personal Records...

...And Brag About it to Others

They say “practice makes perfect.”

We say they’re wrong.

Practice alone isn’t good enough. It’s trite, but it’s true: If you do the same thing over and over again, you’ll get the same results you’ve always got.

So, no, “practice doesn’t make perfect.” That phrase is close, but it’s missing a word:

Purposeful practice makes perfect.”

Purposeful practice is practice with a plan. Practice with a clear goal in mind. A goal that was chosen logically.

Thankfully, with the fitness wearables and apps available today, athletes have a huge number of options to help them track workouts and gather data to help define what those clear goals should be.

But if you’re a dedicated athlete, someone who’s striving to be their best — you want more.

Mile Times And Step Counters Aren’t Enough For You

Don’t get us wrong — tracking steps is a great place to start for many people. But if you’ve made it this far, we’re guessing you’re not “many people.”

You’re an athlete. You may not think of yourself as one, but you are.

Each time you hit the pavement, you’re striving to get just a little better. To us, that’s a real athlete.

Not someone who gets paid to work as hard as possible, but someone who does it for free because they want to see what they’re made of.

If that’s you, mile times and steps aren’t enough anymore. They’re helpful, sure, but they don’t go deep enough.

They don’t let you know how you stack up against the competition.

They don’t let you know how you’re better than the past version of yourself.

And most importantly — they look backward, not forward. They don’t give you something to strive for.

If you want to practice purposefully, to continuously challenge yourself to beat PRs, you need something more.

The Fitness Tracking App For Real Athletes

Strava was created for you.

It’s been purposely designed to give you the data you need to continuously break personal records and perform at your highest level.

Not only does it give you average pace, split times, mileage, and total activity time, it also tells you:

  • The exact point at which you slowed down so you can pace yourself better next time

  • Where that big hill climb was so you can conserve your energy before you get there

  • How you stack up against others who ran the same Segment as you

  • Whether or not you beat any previous PRs

Claim Your Bragging Rights — You Earned Them

One of the most popular features of Strava is its Segments. These are specific parts of a route that Strava immediately identifies and tracks your time on.

Each Segment has a leaderboard, showing who has earned the best time on it.

So — if you’re ever bored with racing against yourself, race against other Strava users and see how you stack up.

If you find yourself on the leaderboard, enjoy your bragging rights — while they last. ;)

35 Million Athletes Can’t Be Wrong.

Strava is used by 35 million athletes in 195 countries.

Those athletes put up a grand total of 15 million uploads per week.

With 32 activity types — Strava is perfect for every athlete, no matter how you like to challenge yourself.

Who Will You Be Tomorrow?

Will you be better or worse?

A more appropriate question:

How will you know?

Will you keep guessing? Going on “how it felt today?”

Or —

Will you take advantage of the tools at your disposal?

Using what’s available to make yourself better…

Tracking your progress with numbers, data, and facts…

Making measurable steps toward your goal…

Until, one day, you look back and realize, “I did it.”

Become Who You Want To Be — And Tell Everyone About It.

When you complete a workout, it’s automatically posted to your Strava profile, where other athletes can leave comments and give Kudos to recognize your hard work.

With Strava, your hard work is noticed — and applauded.

You earned it.

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Some days, you write something good.

Others, you write a turd.

Today, I wrote a turd.


I wrote about Strava. I use it to track my runs, and I like it pretty well.

Who is the Customer?

Middle-aged, middle-class male who participates in endurance sports

Customer Level of Awareness

Solution-Aware. This customer understands that fitness trackers are beneficial to helping him achieve better training results.

Big Idea + Rationale

The big idea is that, if you truly want to improve at something, you have to measure your results.

Big Promise + Rationale

The big promise is that Strava can help you track your fitness results, enabling you to practice more purposefully and eventually reach your goals.

Lessons Learned

Well, it’s 2:06AM.

So — I guess one of my lessons is that I gotta start doing these much earlier.

I got behind on my research the other day, and I’m still paying the price.

Ideally, I’d do research for the next day’s letter the night before, then write the letter the next morning.

The past three days, I’ve done the research in the morning, and written the letter at night.

I’ve known for a while that my best copy generally comes in the morning. So I’ve got to try to shift my schedule to accommodate that.

This letter was a turd because I didn’t have the brainpower or the time (I’m tired AF) to think more critically about the words I put on the page.

This one was very much a “throw some words up there and roll with it” type thing.

That said, one of my main reasons for doing this challenge was to prove to myself that I had the grit to work hard at something — even when it wasn’t easy.

I can’t exactly say I worked hard tonight, but I can say that I worked — and it sure as hell would have been much easier to go to bed early instead of staying up and knocking this out.

So yeah, the sales letter wasn’t that great. But I did it. And today, that’s what’s important.