Day 24: Flyby


No More Hangovers.

The All-Natural Supplement That Ends Hangovers Forever.

Who has time for hangovers?

Let’s ignore the fact that they’re one of the worst feelings in the world for a moment.

Seriously, who has time to lie in bed half the day, nursing a Gatorade, popping ibuprofen like candy, and watching Friends to try to forget about the slightly desperate text you sent your ex before passing out on the couch?

You’re an adult, which means that — in addition to enjoying the privilege of eating cookies whenever you want:

You have shit to do.

Whether it’s work, the gym, or a Sunday Funday — ain’t nobody got time for a hangover.

If you’ve ever experienced the nearly heart-attack inducing anxiety that comes from simply waking up after a night of heavy drinking…

If you’ve ever prayed to the porcelain gods and thought “No way will I ever do this again…”

If you’ve ever lifted your head off the pillow only to feel like you’d been bashed with an invisible brick…

We have the answer.

The Classic Hangover Solution (That Doesn’t Always Work)

Here’s what the answer is NOT:

Step1: Chug water and/or Gatorade.

Step 2: Take an ibuprofen.

Step 3: Hope for the best.

Until recently, this was the best solution for a hangover.

Many of the symptoms of a hangover are caused by dehydration, and ibuprofen is good at dulling the pain when it feels like your brain is going to explode.

But it doesn’t always work. Sometimes the force of a hangover is too strong for the standard weapons you use against it.

So, some (very smart) people do their best to prevent hangovers entirely.

They drink water in-between cocktails, and they pace themselves — until they don’t.

Sometimes, even the most responsible drinkers get a little too lit.

And, in addition to drinking more alcohol in general (increasing your likelihood of a hangover), that means forgetting to drink water in between shots, probably mixing alcohols, and believing the lie you tell yourself as you get into bed:

“I feel fine right now! There’s no way I’ll be hungover tomorrow.”

*Cue head throbbing, heart pounding, stomach churning hangover.*

The Easiest Way To Beat Hangovers Forever

We know you’re busy. You can’t afford to get slowed down by a hangover.

But we also know you’re human. One drink turns into six drinks reeeeeaaalllyy easily.

And somewhere around that fifth or sixth drink, you stop thinking about tomorrow. You stop pacing yourself. You ignore anyone when they try to tell you that you should drink more water.

That’s why we made Flyby.

It’s the easiest way to beat your next hangover, and the one after that, and the one after that, too.

What Is Flyby?

Flyby is a unique formulation of natural herbs designed to fight the things that cause hangovers and help your body take care of itself when you drink.

That way, you can wake up the next day and actually live life instead of hiding from it.

We’ve packaged the most potent hangover-fighting ingredients into capsule form so you can pop them and get on with your night.

How Does Flyby Work?

Take 3 Flyby capsules before your first drink, then 3 more before you fall face-first into your bed.

The all-natural ingredients in Flyby help your body process the alcohol you’re putting into your system so that, when the alarm goes off in the morning, you can say:

“Good morning, world!”

And not:

“Holy shit. I can’t do this.”

Get Flyby Today

Thanks to Flyby, you never have to be hungover again.

Get your first bottle today and say goodbye to wasted days and hangovers forever.

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The good news is that I’ve gotten pretty decent at churning out “okay” sales pages with little research.

The bad news is that writing “okay” sales pages aren’t fun to write. They feel like a cop-out.


I wrote about a product called Flyby. It’s basically a hangover prevention supplement.

Who is the Customer?

The customer is largely the same customer I’ve been writing to the past few days. A millennial in an urban area who’s career-focused, busy, and enjoys drinking socially.

Customer Level of Awareness

This customer is problem-aware. He or she is well aware that hangovers are a problem, but didn’t realize there’s a supplement that could prevent them.

Big Idea + Rationale

The big idea is that the reader doesn’t have time for a hangover. If you’re nursing a hangover, it means you’re missing out on life.

This was something I picked up on from the Amazon reviews of the product, as a lot of people were using it to make it easier to consistently drink on vacations.

If I had more time on the letter, it would definitely play into the FOMO aspect a lot more. I think that, beyond the fact that hangovers are legitimately painful, the “you don’t have time for a hangover” angle is pretty strong.

Big Promise + Rationale

The promise is that, by taking Flyby, you can beat hangovers forever.

I’ll admit, the promise in this one could be a lot bigger. Right now, it’s more of a statement of the feature of the product (beating hangovers), rather than the benefit (more time to have fun, etc.).

Lessons Learned

Sometimes a simple headline is best.

I felt weird about a 3-word headline, until I realized that, for the audience I’m speaking to, it provides all the information necessary and gets them to read the next line — which is exactly the point of a headline.