Day 27: Treks Titanium Headphones


Cyclists: Are You Unnecessarily Putting Yourself In Danger?

The Once-Common (Dangerous) Practice Among Cyclists That’s No Longer Necessary

Do you listen to music while you ride?

If so, you’re putting yourself in danger — and you know it.

Headphones, by nature, block your second most critical sense on the road (the first being your sight):

Your hearing.

You don’t need to be able to hear to ride a bike.

But for that matter, you don’t need to see that well either. Just make out some vague shapes and keep the wheels turning.

Just because you don’t absolutely need to hear what’s going on around you to ride doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to crank up the Def Leppard every time you clip in.

How Cyclists Give Up Control Of Their Safety

Cyclists put a lot of trust in strangers. They have to if they want to ride.

The problem is, they have to put that trust in people driving 3,000-lb death traps.

People who…

  • Don’t know (or care about) you

  • Are possibly using their phones

  • Are driving too fast

  • Don’t know how to properly pass cyclists

  • Are more angry that you’re in their way than they are concerned with your safety

Consider that for a moment.

You’re entrusting your life and your health to a frustrated and distracted stranger.

It’s a necessary evil if you want to get out there and ride — but it begs the question:

Why would you add another element of danger (like wearing headphones) on top of that?

The Unfair Decision Cyclists Have Been Faced With — Until Now

Up to this point, cyclists who want to listen to something while they ride have been faced with a choice:

Safety? Or Enjoyment? Pick one.

Those who want a higher level of safety forego headphones, sacrificing enjoyment and entertainment in the process.

Those who think the extra risk is worth hearing their favorite podcast while coasting down a hill have to put up with an elevated level of risk.

Not anymore.

The Headphones Designed Specifically To Keep You Safe

Treks Titanium headphones allow you to listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts without covering your ears.

The headphones sit directly on your cheekbones in front of your ears, leaving them open to hear your surroundings.

This is made possible with bone conduction technology, which produce vibrations from the sound waves. Those vibrations then travel through your bones to your inner ear — rather than through your ear canal, like conventional headphones.

With this technology, you’re able to hear whatever you’re listening to while remaining completely aware of your surroundings, whether you're on the bike or at the office.

That means you no longer have to choose between safety or finishing that audiobook you love.

You truly can have the best of both worlds.

What Makes Treks Titanium Unique

As you may have guessed, these headphones are made of titanium.

That means they are simultaneously light, strong, durable, and flexible. One customer even reported that his pair had been run over “at least a half-dozen times) and still worked!

If you’ve heard of bone conduction technology before, you may know that a common problem is low-quality speakers that cause sound to “leak” out of the headphones and distract others.

Treks Titaniums are designed with LeakSlayer technology to eliminate excessive sound leakage, so no one can judge you for listening to Justin Beiber’s Purpose album on repeat.

We expect you’ll be getting these things dirty. But with an IP55 certification, they’re sealed and protected from dust, dirt, sweat, and small amounts of water.

And there’s a common problem with nearly all headphones we wanted to eliminate —

A lot of them don’t fit!

That’s why Treks Titanium comes in two different sizes: Standard or Mini. So, whether you’ve got a big head or a small head — you’re covered.

Get Treks Titanium Today

If you’ve searched for quality headphones before, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the high price tag many carry. While they’re great quality, some headphones are simply inaccessible because they’re not worth such a high price.

Treks Titanium finds the balance between affordability and quality at $99.95 per pair.

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Treks Titanium uses state-of-the-art technology to maximize cyclists’ safety and enjoyment any time they’re in the saddle (at a price that’s much less than a hospital bill).

How much is your safety worth?

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These past few days have been a grind. I feel like I’m crawling my way to the finish line.


I wrote about Treks Titanium — a pair of bone conduction headphones especially useful for those who run, hike, or cycle.

Who is the Customer?

Since I’m using Bob Serling’s Power Copywriting Formula (as much as I can for a sales letter written in a day), I’m developing a customer profile here. Based on some research (and guesses), here’s what I’ve got:



Lives in Portland, Oregon

Cycles to work most days (weather permitting)

Has two children. Son, Age 9: James. Daughter, Age 7: Anna.

Software Developer at a …

Went to college at University of Oregon

In addition to cycling for transportation, he likes to hike, run occasionally, and try out new recipes with his wife, Jen.

Customer Level of Awareness & Sophistication

This customer is problem-aware. But it’s not a problem they like to admit: they’re putting themselves in danger.

One challenge with this letter was highlighting the pain (cyclists unnecessarily putting themselves in danger) without coming off as preachy. Honestly, I don’t think I did a great job at this, and it’s something I would improve if I had more time on this one.

Big Idea + Rationale

The big idea is that cyclists who want to listen to something (music, audiobooks, podcasts) while riding have had to either choose between their safety or their enjoyment. It’s an unfair decision.

They already place a lot of trust in drivers, so it doesn’t make sense to give up something (their hearing) that could keep them safer...but sometimes you want to listen to something while you ride. That’s where Treks Titanium comes in.

Big Promise + Rationale

The big promise is that, with Treks Titanium, cyclists no longer have to choose between safety or enjoyment.

They can have both.

Lessons Learned

I’m a big fan of Bob Serling’s Power Copywriting Formula. It’s 36 steps and its intensive.

I didn’t follow all the steps in this letter, but followed the ones that were reasonable/made sense for this letter.

One thing I really enjoyed was that it’s not just a process for writing the letter, it addresses the offer and the research as well, which I really like. It’s one of the most comprehensive formulas I’ve come across.

Beyond that, it has you write the features and benefits before writing the headline. I wasn’t crazy about that initially, but once I started, I really liked it, because it forces you to go beyond “how am I going to start this letter?” and starts with “what’s most important about this product?”

And I think that’s a great place to start.