Day 8: Pitt London


Good For You. Good For The World. Meet Pitt London.

Perfectly Crafted Natural Deodorant (That Actually Works)

Natural deodorant doesn’t work.

At least — not the way it’s been done up to this point.

Pitt London is here to change that.

Why Natural Deodorant Doesn’t Work

Most natural deodorants are a facade.

They’re all show, no substance.

They’re loaded with oils and fragrances, so they smell great. But when it comes to making you feel clean, fresh, and confident?

They totally fail.

Those oils and fragrances are a great start, but they’re not going to help you when you’re three hours into a club night and see that hottie across the bar.

Because they’re missing the most important natural deodorant ingredient...

The #1 Ingredient All Natural Deodorants Need (But Most Don’t Have)

It’s all about the powder, baby.

And no, we’re not talking about the kind you sneak off to the bathroom for.

We’re talking about Arrowroot Powder.

See — most natural deodorants don’t have it. That’s why they leave your pits feeling like an aromatic slip-n-slide.

Think of Arrowroot powder as an ultra-absorbent sponge for your sweat.

And, since we’ve paired it with the perfect combination of scents, you get the comfort of being dry and the confidence of smelling like a fresh pine forest.

Why Antiperspirants Are An Unnatural Solution

Sweating is natural.

We’re not here to tamper with your body’s natural processes, and we don’t think you should, either.

Most antiperspirants prohibit your body from doing what it naturally wants to do. They clog your pores with aluminum salts to keep sweat from coming out.

If you want to continue putting aluminum on your body, that’s your choice. But if you’re looking for something better, something that lets your body do what’s natural AND keeps you clean and fresh all day…

Pitt London is for you.

The 3 Little Words That Started This Company

It started with three little words:

“Ed, you stink.”

One of our founders, Ed, was performing in a West End play and had just finished a dance routine. Then he heard those three words.

He knew it was true. But still, no one wants to hear that. So he set out to change it.

He spent the next three years experimenting with natural deodorant formulations and testing them on some of the sweatiest people in England. (More on that later.)

The result?


Pitt London’s Barbican14: The Perfect Natural Deodorant

The perfect natural deodorant isn’t made on accident.

While creating something natural was important to us, our #1 priority was creating something that worked.

Thankfully, what worked was not just incredibly effective in one of the most demanding environments we could find — it was also natural.

With our first scent, Barbican14, we’ve combined three pillars to create the perfect natural deodorant:

  • Perfect ingredients

  • Perfect packaging

  • Perfect application

Pitt London’s Perfect Ingredients

It all starts with Arrowroot Powder.

That’s the powerhouse that makes Pitt London more than a smell-good cream you smear on your pits.

Arrowroot sucks up sweat and makes Pitt London a natural deodorant that actually works.

Beyond that, we’ve carefully selected all-natural ingredients to craft a clean, refined, and mature scent — because you shouldn’t have to smell like a teenager who just discovered body spray.

Pitt London’s Perfect Packaging

We’re not Barbie.

“Made of plastic” is no longer fantastic.

We’ve intentionally chosen a unique, slim tin to package our deodorant. Because being clean isn’t just about smelling or feeling good, it’s about doing good.

Pitt London’s Perfect Application

“Gua sha.”

Ever heard of it?

It’s a tool from ancient Chinese medicine used to stimulate blood flow, and it’s how we recommend you apply our natural deodorant.


Here’s a quick, simplified biology lesson:

You have lymph nodes in your armpits. Lymph nodes responsible for draining junk out of your body. Stimulating flow around those lymph nodes helps them clean that junk out more effectively.

Gua sha + Pitt London helps clean your body, inside and out.

How Pitt London Worked For Some Of The Sweatiest People In London

We’ve tested our deodorant on some of the sweatiest people in London:

West End performers.

These are people acting under bright lights in hot costumes every day. They don’t need a deodorant that works “sometimes,” and they definitely don’t need a deodorant that only works when they’re standing still.

They need a deodorant that works in the most demanding conditions there are.

So what did they think?

They loved it.

As a matter of fact, they’ve been some of the biggest supporters of our Kickstarter campaign.

Get Pitt London Today

You can get a 1-2 month supply of Pitt London’s Barbican14 and the Gua Sha applicator (which you’ll never have to buy again) today for just $38.

We’re running out of Kickstarter packages, though. Our project was fully funded within 17 hours of being launched, and we’ve raised nearly twice as much money as we hoped.

But that means our supplies are quickly being limited, and we’ll be rushing to fulfill them once the campaign ends.

So, if you want to get your hands on a package, act quickly.

Just click the button below to go to our Kickstarter campaign.

[Get Pitt London Today]

Your Body Deserves It. The World Deserves It.

Your body deserves a deodorant that lets it do what it was naturally designed to do.

And the world deserves a product that won’t needlessly and carelessly create waste.

With Pitt London, you can make a small step toward taking care of your body, taking care of the world, and using a natural deodorant that actually works.

[Get Pitt London Today]



One of the main reasons I wanted to do this project was because it would be hard.

I knew that, while the idea of writing a sales letter every day sounded romantic, it would probably be pretty challenging.

I tried not to think about that though.

Writing today’s letter wasn’t hell, by any means, but (due to my schedule today) making myself finish it was harder than it’s been the past few days.

But that’s kind of the point.


I wrote about a Kickstarter product called Pitt London. I’ve never used it, it just looked like a cool product with a lot information to pull from on the Kickstarter page.

So here we are.

Who is the Customer?

I didn’t define this as much as a probably should have. In general, the customer is a moderately active millennial who prefers buying natural products when possible and makes environmentally-friendly decisions when it’s easy.

Customer Level of Awareness & Sophistication

This customer is solution-aware. They know that natural deodorant exists, but if they’ve tried any — they know that the majority of natural deodorants simply don’t work the way you want them to.

Big Idea + Rationale

There are a couple big ideas in this one. I should have done a better job narrowing down.

In general, the big idea is that natural deodorants don’t work, and antiperspirants are unnatural.

Beyond that, there are a few tertiary ideas:

  • Pitt London is good for the environment (or at least better than other deodorant packaging)

  • Pitt London actually works, thanks to Arrowroot Powder as a main ingredient

  • The gua sha applicator provides health benefits

If I were to re-do it, I’d narrow this down A LOT. I think the problem is that this product has a lot of cool features, each of which deserves to be talked about, but that can take the focus away from the big idea.

Big Promise + Rationale

The big promise is that using Pitt London is making a healthy, effective choice for the individual and the environment.

I’ll admit — this could be a lot better.

Lessons Learned

Cool products are both easy and hard to write for at the same time.

It’s easy, because you can write a lot of shit about a cool product. It’s hard, because if there’s so much cool shit — how do you decide which cool shit to focus on?

Beyond that, I learned that showing up and writing every day is what makes the magic happen. But this lesson isn’t from my writing today, it’s from Steven Pressfield’s War of Art, which I was listening to earlier.

If you haven’t read or listened to that book, holy shit — do it now. It will light a fire under you in the best way.