Who am I? And why should you trust me?


“How could you not trust that smile!?”

That’s what my mom would say, at least.

But you’re not her, so I imagine you don’t give a damn about my smile.

So, I’ll get to it. Here’s my Super-Duper-Quick-Fast Sales Pitch:

I know my sh*t.

Anyone can call themselves a copywriter, but not anyone can study the craft like I have.

I wrote 29 sales pages in 29 days — for fun.

I sign up for email lists I know will send me blatant, sometimes ridiculous sales pitches…

Because I want to see what works — and what doesn’t.

People trust me.

I’ve been working with most of my clients for over a year.

I’m not on contract with any of them.

That’s probably a bad business decision, but it illustrates that…

I do what I say I’m going to do, so you don’t have to micro-manage or worry if your project will actually be delivered on time. It will.

I’m easy to work with. No complications. No funny business. I’m here to help — and that’s what I do.

I’ve worked with New York Times bestselling authors, personal brands, startups, and even one of the largest boiler companies in the nation. 🤭

(Bet you didn’t see that last one coming.)

Let’s be honest…

If you’ve read this far — you’re at least a little interested.

So click the button below to see some of my work.