Here’s How I Can Help You

These are the 3 ways we can work together.

1. Sales Copy Mini-Audit

I’ll review your email or sales page copy and put together a comprehensive report that tells you exactly where and how your copy could be improved.

Then, we’ll hop on a call and I’ll walk you through my feedback, so you know exactly how to move forward, fix your copy, and get more sales.

This is best if your sales copy is already doing “okay,” but you’re looking for a way to improve it.

*Sales Copy Mini-Audits start at $397.

2. Done-For-You Sales Page and/or Email Copy

I’ll follow my 4-step Confident Copy Blueprint to:

  • Find out what we’re really selling, so we can speak to what the reader actually wants (instead of what we think he/she wants) and you can make more sales

  • Determine the most effective way to present your product and make it crystal-clear how and why the reader needs it

  • Write a seductive sales page and/or enticing email funnel that drives people to buy — even if they’ve never heard of you before

  • Examine how the copy is performing, so we can make it as effective as possible and get your product to the people who need it most

At the end, you get a final version of the copy and two rounds of edits, if necessary.

This is best if you’re launching soon or need copy for an evergreen funnel.

*Done-For-You Sales Copy starts at $2,997.

3. Big-Picture Sales Copy Consulting

I’ll do everything except actually write the copy for you.

Here’s what that means:

  • I’ll perform customer research, so you know exactly who you’re targeting and why they need your product

  • I’ll analyze the data from customer research to tease out the most important details and bits of “copy gold” that you can use when you write your sales copy

  • I’ll determine your product’s unique selling proposition (USP) to find out what makes it different than every other product out there (and why a reader should buy from you instead of anyone else)

  • I’ll strategize 3 different ways you can position your product in your sales copy based on the data from customer and product research, so you can write your sales copy with the confidence that you’re presenting your product in the most effective way possible

This is best if you want top-notch sales copy, but are “ballin’ on a budget,” as they say.

*Big-Picture Sales Copy Consulting starts at $1,497.

I’d love to hear about your project.

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