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I hope this isn't awkward but...

I want to send you something (for free).

It's a bit revealing, but I think you'll like it.

See, I wrote 29 sales pages in 29 days -- for fun.

And I want to show you the exact process that helped me crank out a sales page in 3 - 4 hours...

For 29 days in a row.

But I want to send you some extra goodies too.

So, I'm bundling up my sales page process PLUS the bonuses listed below into what I'm calling:

The Sales Page Survival Kit.

The Sales Page Survival Kit

Here’s What You get:

  • A crash-course video walkthrough of the 4-step process I used to get from having no idea what to write about to finished sales page in 3 - 4 hours (for 29 days in a row)

  • BONUS: My complete research template I used to compile everything I needed to know in a single location for easy reference

  • BONUS: My absolute favorite sales page outline (I might have ended up in a mental hospital without this)

  • BONUS: A mini swipe file with 3 of the best sales pages from the project, so you can quickly steal inspiration from them when you feel stuck

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